Grinches Black Out Viewers in Eight Markets

Dec 10, 2013

Broadcasters Crashing Holiday Season with More Blackouts

Washington, D.C. December 10, 2013 – Bonten Media Group and Esteem Broadcaster are blacking out viewers in eight markets in order to line their pockets with more retransmission consent revenue.  Viewers in cities around the country woke up this weekend to find some of their favorite programs missing.  At a time when families are eager to watch classic holiday movies and specials together, broadcasters are bullying consumers and trying to squeeze in another retrans hike before the New Year.

So far, there have been 126 blackouts this year. That’s up from 91 in 2012 and there are still 21 days to go.  Santa may not be able to reform retrans, but Congress and the FCC can.

Stations affected:  KTXS-ABC and KTES-TMO in Abilene-Sweetwater, TX; KTVM-NBC in Butte-Bozeman, MT; KRCR-ABC, KTES-MNT and KCVU-FOX in Chico-Redding, CA; KAEF-ABC and KBVU-FOX in Eureka, CA; WCTI-ABC and WFXI-FOX in Greenville, NC; KECI-NBC in Missoula, MT; KTXE-ABC in San Angelo, TX; and WCYB-NBC and WEMT in Tri-Cities, TN/VA