ATVA Statement on New Broadcast TV Standards and Ownership Rules

Nov 16, 2017

Congress and the FCC Must Protect Consumers from Higher Fees and Broadcaster Blackouts

Washington, D.C. – The American Television Alliance (ATVA), a voice for the TV viewer, issued the following statement on today’s FCC actions on a new Broadcast Television Standard (ATSC 3.0) and the relaxation of media ownership rules.

“Today the FCC approved a new broadcast standard and loosened restrictions on media ownership.  While the orders include some measures to protect consumers, we are disappointed that the Commission did not do more in these proceedings to protect viewers from higher costs and more broadcaster blackouts.  We will continue to work with the FCC to ensure that, despite these changes, broadcasters negotiate the carriage of their signals in good faith,” said Trent Duffy, ATVA spokesman.


The American Television Alliance (ATVA) brings together an unprecedented coalition of consumer groups, cable, satellite, telephone companies, and independent programmers to raise awareness about the risk TV viewers face as broadcasters increasingly threaten service disruptions that would deny viewers access to the programs they and their families enjoy.

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