American Television Alliance Issues Statement on FCC Order Closing Ownership Loopholes

Dec 26, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The American Television Alliance (ATVA) issued a statement today in response to the FCC’s order closing broadcast ownership loopholes.

“We applaud the FCC’s efforts to help consumers by closing loopholes in its broadcast ownership rules.  For too long, these loopholes have allowed broadcasters to control distribution of two, three, or even all four major networks in markets throughout the country,” said ATVA spokesperson Cora Mandy. “This is part of the reason broadcasters have been able to raise their rates by more than 5000 percent since 2006—even while viewership for these stations has dropped 45 percent during the last decade.  Today’s action promises some long-awaited relief for consumers and their pocketbooks.”   

The broken retransmission consent system led to over 200 blackouts in 2023 alone. The FCC’s decision is a significant step towards ending predatory practices by broadcasters at the expense of subscribers and ensuring broadcasters fulfill their public interest obligations.

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